Khins Hangzhou is an innovative high tech firm, serving the mid-high end domestic

segments in life science, industrial control, environmental protection, chemicals, etc., with a wide range of lab solutions includ-

ing analytical instruments, application soft-wares, lab consumables, technical services, and the alike., which empowers our clients dealing with various challenges ranging

from regular testings to sophisticated re-

searches in the areas of physico-chemistry,

bio-chemistry, material-chemistry and

industrial applications.

Our  products cover following major


1) analytical instruments

2) lab instruments

3) measuring instruments

4) industrial instruments

5) instrument related services

We supply  a  considerable  number  of

reputed brands from Germany and United State, e.g.  chromatographs  from Waters,

spectrographs  from Bruker, gas analyzers and thermal imagers from Testo,  electro  miscroscopies  from Olympus,  centrigues from Hermle, incubators from Binder, etc., most brands are highly recognized by the entire industry.

New Products
TF Q Exactive HF

The advanced quadrupole brings even better  sensitivity and higher dynamic range.

Agilent Ultivo
Ultivo introduced the new tandem quadrupole with  the revolutionary LC/TQ method.
Shimadzu MALDI 8020

MALDI-8020 brings Kratos and Shimadzu back to desk-type MALDI-TOF.

Product Categories
Industrial Instrument
Electronic Device for Automation EMI/EMC Testing
Signal Development and Interception
Lab Consumables
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